• Mommy and Me Mother's Day Date Ideas

    Mommy and Me Mother's Day Date Ideas

    It’s almost Mother’s Day and now is the time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing to celebrate the big day! Don’t let the day go by with the same old card and flowers. Moms are incredible and there’s nothing like the bond between mothers and their kids. If...

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  • Benefits of Yoga for Kids

    Benefits of Yoga for Kids

    Yoga is a great way for adults to release their stress, improve their flexibility, stay fit and enjoy so many other benefits as well. But it’s not just beneficial for adults! Yoga is also amazing for kids. Getting kids started early on incorporating yoga into their routines is a great...

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  • 3 Great Vegan Recipes

    3 Great Vegan Recipes

    With the vegan diet, many people who are used to eating meat assume that it’s all about eating salads and nuts with meat substitutes that are bland, leaving plenty to be desired when it comes to flavor. But the truth is eating vegan can be full of flavor! It’s all...

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  • Great Pets for Kids that are NOT a Dog or Cat

    Great Pets for Kids that are NOT a Dog or Cat

    If you have young kids at home, you can bet anything that if they haven’t already, they’re eventually going to come to you asking for a pet. If you don’t have one already, this is probably going to make you want to say a big, resounding NO right away. Especially...

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  • Fun Prints for Springs

    Fun Prints for Springs

    Are you over the monochromatic palettes and muted hues of the last few months? These colors look great and all, but when you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, subtle can start to feel a little stuffy. Just as the snow is melting, new leaves and buds are sprouting through...

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  • Lesser-Known Travel Destinations in the Caribbean

    Lesser-Known Travel Destinations in the Caribbean

    For the sun-soaked jets setters who love turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches, the usual Caribbean destinations are always on the agenda. For years, the shores of popular tropical islands like Jamaica, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have been attracting visitors on a massive level. But during...

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